Sunday, 2 August 2009

The City Bus Tour Belfast - the dead live on

After savouring the northern Ireland of 100 years ago at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, we continue with a sightseeing tour of Belfast City. This is time very well spent and you can choose between the upper uncovered deck or the covered lower deck of the typical red Belfast bus. You will find information on Belfast City tours here. The tours start in Royal Avenue one of the main streets leading up to the majestic Belfast City Hall. From here you go to the Albert Clock, the Belfast shipyards, the Lagan side, the river on which Belfast is situated, then on to Stromont - the seat of government - the Shankill and Falls Roads and coming back to the old pubs in the center and the Belfast opera house. The tour takes a couple of hours but is very wortwhile if you want an impression of what Belfast was in the troubles and how it has changed to a vibrant modern city. The graffiti on the sides of the little terraced rows of houses in the Shankill and Falls Roads show you the existing loyalties - Republican and Unionist. But the violence has gone, the bombs and rifles are silent but somewhere on this trip you get the feeling - the dead live on.

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